The Marriage Merger

By: Jennifer Probst

Chapter Eight

Sawyer did a quick survey of the rooms to make sure everything was in place. The Bulgari Milano hotel was perfect for their first encounter, offering an old-fashioned luxury that was both visually and physically arresting.

The sitting room was intimately set up with a Brera stone fireplace, and the rich woods of teak and oak blended with deep vanillas and buttery colors that soothed the senses. The refined elegance of the eighteenth-century palazzo reminded him of Julietta. The display of ornate jewels and tasteful antiques throughout the suite added an extra touch. The open carved archway led to the bedroom, where a magnificent canopy bed dominated the room. Ice blue silk pillows matched the ridiculously expensive thread count of the pulled-back sheets, and the glass doors opened to a private balcony that overlooked the gardens. A bottle of champagne chilled in the silver bucket across from a tray of finger foods to keep any hunger at bay.

He hoped he’d finally elicit a different type of hunger.

Anticipation bit through him in sweet agony and stiffened his cock. Their negotiations over this night still turned him on. He’d never met a woman so worthy of pleasure. The sharpness of her intellect was as much of a turn-on as her luscious body. A body she didn’t know how to use or to take pleasure in. The dom in him howled to release such a prize and claim it for himself.

The possessiveness surprised him. He’d shared women before without a thought—not to hurt them but to make sure he didn’t restrain them with false expectations. Sawyer realized long ago he’d never be whole enough for a healthy, long-term relationship. With a past filled with abuse, neglect, and mental games, there was nothing pure or good in him to offer. He made sure women knew there was no future going in so he never gave fake hope. But since Julietta, his inner caveman broke out with a primitive impulse to mark her as his.

He’d just have to get over it.

Still, he couldn’t believe he’d persuaded her to spend the night. When she calmly informed him he’d only get a few hours and she’d leave before dawn, the need to claim her till morning shocked him to the core. Usually it was the other way around. A rueful smile touched his lips. Guess he got a taste of the other side. And it sucked.

A knock sounded on the door.

His fingers tingled as he opened it and wondered if she’d obey his first request. His scrawled note with the gift box probably intimidated her. Had he gone too far? Sawyer flung open the door.

Instead of a trembling lover, he faced a pissed-off ice queen.

A scowl settled on her brow. “you actually think women like wearing this crap? Do you know how humiliating it is to have people think you’re not wearing anything under your coat? I got stares from the taxi driver and doorman.”

She stalked in wearing a short cream-colored wool coat.

Stiletto heels. Black stockings. And not much else.

Loose mahogany waves fell past her shoulders and continued to her waist, emphasizing the nakedness of her col-larbone, teasing an onlooker to try to take a peek. Her skirt was so short it disappeared under the hemline and gave the impression of erotic hide-and-go-seek.

oh, yeah. She obeyed perfectly. His gaze roved over her with pure greed, even as he fought a grin at her entry. She was so different from any other woman—he was endlessly fascinated by the twist of confidence and vulnerability she exhibited.

“you didn’t like the stares of the other men?” he chal-lenged. “Doesn’t it make you feel desirable? Sexy?”

“Dirty,” she quipped, dropping her purse on the chair and glancing around. She obviously wasn’t ready to lose the coat. “Puttana?”

He poured her a glass of champagne and crossed the room. The scent of rich coconut and mocha drifted from her skin. “Slut, huh? Ah, you are judging by society’s expectations again. Why shouldn’t a powerful woman want to be a slut in her own bedroom? Such a negative connotation for a woman who demands pleasure and will do anything to get it.” His words caused a delicate shudder to rip through her body. Good. She liked the verbal images, and it reached her on a deeper level.

She dived into a change of subject. “I don’t know if I feel comfortable at this hotel.”


She nibbled at her lower lip. “The rooms are close.

People may hear us.”

He handed her the delicate flute. God, she was ador-able. one moment a lioness, the next a shy virgin. “I’m glad you’re thinking you’ll enjoy yourself enough to scream, but I’ve taken care of the problem.”


He smiled. “I bought all the rooms on this floor. We are completely alone.”

She blinked. “oh. Good thinking.”

“Thank you.” He dropped his voice. “And necessary.

Because you will be screaming, Julietta. A lot.”

Her fingers tightened on the stem of the glass, but she refused to cower. She tipped the glass up and took a long sip. Then met his gaze. “If you’re lucky.”

“Why don’t you take off your coat?”

“Not yet. So, tell me, Sawyer. Is this what men fantasize about women wearing? Because I’m here to tell you it’s uncomfortable as hell and not much fun. This thong is rid-ing up my rear in a permanent wedgie. And my breasts are held so tight together it’s hard to breathe. Not the best way to get me in the mood.”

He reached out and touched a glossy wave. The heat from her body burned and pulled him in, making a mockery of her calm demeanor. oh, yeah, she was definitely aroused.

She just didn’t know what to do with it and hoped to lock it up in a neat little closet. He looked forward to causing her much discomfort in the next few hours. His cock twitched in his pants.

“you’re not pushing past the surface,” he murmured.

“Behind the vague discomfort is the opportunity to let your body take over. The corset I picked out for you pushes your breasts out and makes your nipples more sensitive. every breath you take is controlled and earned, so you’re aware of the rush of air in your lungs.” He kept up the slide of his fingers over her hair, tugging gently to wake up her scalp.

“When you’re aroused, your nipples will harden and poke against the lace. The scratch will be a reminder of what my stubble may feel like against your breasts. The edge of your panties separate the globes of your buttocks and barely skim your mound. As you get wet, you’ll be aware of each sensation. Discomfort brings awareness, Julietta. It’s all part of eroticism.”

Her pupils dilated. yes. He knew she dampened at the stroke of his voice, her body finally letting go enough to make the connection with her brain. He imagined the tightness of her nipple under his tongue and the sweet arch of her hips as she opened for him. But first, he needed to strip all of her mental defenses.

He released her hair and took a deliberate step back.

“Now, back to my original request. Take your coat off.”

Surprise flickered across her face. “I’m cold.”

His lips twitched. “I’ll warm you up soon. For now, let this be a gentle reminder to the terms of our agreement.

Full command. Full surrender.”

His queen rallied. Crap, she was magnificent. Her eyes snapped cocoa brown heat and her fingers tugged open the buttons. “This is ridiculous.” one. Two. “I can’t believe I agreed to this sex scene. Just so you know, this is not turning me on, so I hope at least you get a thrill from this episode.”

Three. Four. She shrugged off the barrier and threw it on the velvet chair to cover her purse. “Satisfied?”

Oh, yeah.

He took in the fine black lace of her corset, which nipped in at the waist, squeezed her breasts, and lifted them up like a gift to the gods. The minuscule black skirt barely covered her ass. Her skin was flawless and a golden brown that begged for a man’s touch. endless legs clad in sheer black hose ended in a pair of four-inch fuck-me heels where her fire-engine-red toenails peeked out in rebellion.

Time to reel in his stubborn lover-to-be. He switched to his dom voice, which vibrated with a confident power, and whipped through the room like a lash. “Turn around.”

She jerked. Blinked. But obeyed immediately, turning in a full circle so he could feast on the full globes of her rear, where the wisp of fabric hugged her most intimate body parts. His fingers clenched to touch the lush flesh and warm it to a nice pale pink. Instead, he crossed his arms in front of his chest and studied every inch of her. A delicate flush bloomed in her cheeks. Good. She was aware of his full attention and was off balance. “Have you ever had a man look at you like this, Julietta?”

She shook her head.

“Answer me, please.”

Pure resentment and something deeper flickered. “No.”

“When I ask a question, I want a verbal answer.”


He kept the humor from his face and continued his ap-praisal. “A man is a visual creature. When a woman takes off her clothes, she’s stripping her barriers and giving a precious gift. Her vulnerability. Do you know how that makes me feel?”


“Honored. Aching. Like the anticipation of opening up a present, peeling off the paper and bow and uncovering a treasure. Let me tell you what I see when I look at you.”

His voice deepened and he let the yawning want for her show on his face. “I see breasts that are already swelling and peaking, begging for my fingers and tongue. your belly is quivering ever so slightly. I’d run my tongue down your stomach and over that tiny piece of lace. Feel your heat and wetness and smell your arousal. your legs are long and graceful, and I can imagine them wrapped around my hips and squeezing tight as I thrust inside you.” Her chest lifted as she sucked in air. “I want to discover every hidden secret of your body and a thousand ways to make you scream my name.” His eyes glittered and he moved forward. “A reminder of the basic rules. Do everything I say. No talking unless I ask a question. And absolutely no thinking. I’ll do that for both of us tonight.” He paused so his words had a moment to sink in. “Let’s begin, shall we?”

Julietta burned. Her skin prickled as if she stood near to a raging fireplace while wafts of heat hit every exposed part of her body. She squirmed in discomfort and tried to lock onto the strange feeling that her body had separated from and left her mind behind. Her nipples ached behind the constricting binds of the corset, and the thong between her legs emphasized an achy pulsing between her thighs. odd, she’d been aroused before. even believed she neared climax a few times. But never had she been so turned on by a man who hadn’t even touched her yet.

He stalked her slow and steady, letting her know she’d be under his command in a few minutes and there was nothing for her to do to stop it. A thrill shot through her.

There was no one on this floor, and nobody knew she was here tonight. She was completely at his mercy for him to do anything to her body. Utter any outrageous comment he felt like. She had no clue what his next move would be—if he’d be gentle or cruel.

The knowledge turned her on. Big time.

He was still fully dressed, in a snowy white button-down shirt, tan chinos, and bare feet. She ached to touch the mass of honey waves that framed his face, a fascinating mixture of white to dirty blonde. She wanted to see his bare chest and run her hands over his skin. Was he covered in light hair or bare? He smelled of a mix of rich scents that made her dizzy: coffee beans, spice, and musk.

Julietta kept her position and refused to back down. If this was the beginning of round one, she’d be damned if she’d make it easy. He settled his palms on her naked shoulders and stroked down her arms, as if checking the muscles of a racehorse he contemplated buying. The thought helped ground her. “Do I pass muster?” She managed to keep her voice calm and cool.

“A broken rule already? No speaking unless I ask you a question.”

She snapped her mouth shut and glared. Humor lit whiskey-colored eyes, but he kept his face impassive as he touched her. He interlaced his fingers with hers and pulled each one in a sensual massage. Her muscles tensed, waiting, but he took his time. He moved from her fingers to the swell of her breasts that pushed out to meet him. Caressed the erratic pulse at the base of her throat. The curve of her cheek. The sensitive line of her neck. every inch exposed to his view was explored by his fingers until a melting sensation dropped in her belly.

She began to relax.

He knelt in front of her.

A strange noise bubbled from the back of her throat.

What was he doing? Dio Mio, he grasped her thigh and kneaded the muscles in her legs, exploring behind her knee, sliding down her calves to her ridiculous heels that screamed sex. Up and down, until goose bumps peppered her flesh and every muscle clenched waiting for his next move.

“Take off your skirt.”

Julietta hesitated. A roaring filled her ears, and her clothes suddenly felt as if they were strangling her. His gaze drilled into hers and commanded her obedience. Before she could analyze the request, her thumbs hooked under her waistband and she dragged the material down her hips.

The skirt fell to her feet.

His warm approval washed over her. He lifted one of her heels, then the other, and tossed the skirt to the side.

“Very good. Now, don’t move.”

A gasp fell from her lips as he lifted her foot and placed one sharp heel on his shoulder. He pressed his mouth to her inner thigh, rubbing his cheeks back and forth over the sensitive skin. Her center throbbed and begged for more, but he seemed content to breathe her scent in and take tiny nibbles over the expanse of one thigh, then the other. She leaned against the wall for balance, and her fingers auto-matically came down to rest on his head. The sensations were exquisite: a swirl of his tongue, a nip of teeth rising higher to the place she needed it most. Why was he going so slow? Did he want her to participate? She always sucked at this part, wondering how long she’d have to reciprocate with any oral sex given when she really didn’t like it much.

If she got this over with quickly, maybe they’d get to the real sex part sooner.

His mouth moved higher along the edge of the lace and his hot breath blew over her swollen lips. Merda, they needed to move this along. Julietta fisted her hands in his hair and urged him to the spot she needed him to touch the most.

He backed away. She trembled and let out an irritable sigh. “What are you doing?” she asked. “Why did you stop?”

He shook his head with disapproval and rose from his knees. “obviously, you are not one made to obey rules. So let’s help you along, shall we?” Sawyer walked over to the small writing desk, slid open a drawer, and withdrew a set of handcuffs.

The outrageousness of the scene appalled her, and she threw her hands out. “Hell, no, you are so not using those on me.”

“Do you trust me?”

“That’s not what this is about.”

one golden brow arched. “It’s what this entire night is about. Trust. you trust me to get you where you need, and I trust you to obey.”

“But I, I—”

“Do you, Julietta?”

If she lied she could go home. Screw the contract. She didn’t need an orgasm or more business control. Her mind screamed for her to grab her coat and get out. Instead, her hormones slapped her brain in a knockout punch. “yes. I trust you.”

“We’re doing the cuffs. Hands out, please.”

Her tongue dragged across her lip, but she held out her wrists. In some crazy way, she got wetter, her nipples nearing the edge of pain in a stark need to escape the corset.

He clasped the cuffs, checked the fit, and stepped back to survey her. “Much better.” The fur lining encased her flesh with luxury. He tipped her chin up and took total control of her gaze. “you can’t touch me. you don’t have to wonder what move to make or what you need to do to make me happy. I own your body and I’ll do whatever the hell I want with it now. Understood?”

A raw sizzle cut through her. She nodded, past the point of wanting to talk. A strange relief sagged her muscles as if reaching a new level; the complete truth of his state-ment shook her foundation. Suddenly, there were no more choices. No decisions to make. No right or wrong. He’d sto-len it all and left her with nothing.

Nothing but freedom.

Satisfaction and raw lust flickered in his eyes. “There we go,” he murmured. “That’s what I want.” He lowered his head and claimed her mouth.

She opened her lips, nowhere left to hide, as he swept his tongue and conquered every dark crevice, thrusting in and out while he held her head still. Julietta moaned under the savage attack, unconsciously looking to touch him or help guide the kiss. Her handcuffs clinked together. The sound drifted to her ears and caused a rush of wetness to trickle down her thigh. Mio dio, she ached for him, but every time she tried to scissor her legs together for relief he held her tight against him, one thigh trapping her wide and open to his touch. He commanded every sensation, wracking shudders from her body while his tongue mated and tangled with hers. His fingers moved from her hair and dropped to her breasts. He stroked and teased the edges of her nipples, still imprisoned by the delicate bones of the corset, until she twisted wildly in an attempt to get more.

He bit down on her lower lip. “What do you want?”

“Touch me.”

He kissed her long and deep and hard, ignoring her request. Then finally broke away. Golden eyes seared and commanded her to reach for more. “Where? If you want something, ask.”

embarrassment disappeared under a craving need to get what she wanted. “Take off the corset. Touch my breasts.”

“Very good.” He reached behind her and with deft skill unfastened the long row of hooks that held the fabric together. She sucked in a breath as sweet air rushed into her lungs, and her breasts sprang free. He cupped them in his warm palms and rubbed her tight nipples. Julietta arched for more. “Like this?”

“oh, please—”

“Tell me.”

“Suck on them.” With a lusty groan of approval, he dipped his head and took one nipple into his mouth. The hot wetness as he pulled and swirled his tongue around and around ripped a cry from her throat. Julietta twisted and once again reached out to hold on to something, but she was bound and at his mercy.

Just like she wanted it.

The thought skittered past. Her nipples throbbed under his talented mouth as he moved from one to the other, but the realization she loved being handcuffed and ravaged like some sort of weak, pathetic female exploded in her consciousness. What was she doing? How could the Ceo of the most powerful bakery in the world beg a man to do dirty things to her while she was helpless? A cold ball of ice settled in her gut, and she was dragged back to the familiar scene. Her body began to shut down, her arousal lessening with every second until— A slight pop sounded in the air as he lifted his head from her breast. Sawyer studied her face. “God, you’re stubborn.” His lower lip quirked. “Thinking too much again, baby? Better up my game.”

“Sawyer, I don’t think this—oh!”

With no transition, softness, or warning, his hand slipped under the lace of her thong and plunged inside.

Her hips bucked in demand and her body wept. The delicious friction of his fingers pumping inside her tight channel contrasted with the light, teasing stroke of his thumb over her clit. She tried to close her eyes to hide from her raw response, but he held her gaze with a fierce demand that refused to let her cower. every naked expression and moan was his. And he reminded her of it with each stroke of those talented fingers.

The combination pushed her toward the edge. Julietta strained toward the rapidly nearing orgasm, frantic to grab on before it shimmered away. Her clit swelled with each flick. The cuffs clinked. Sawyer slid his hand away, curled, and dove deep.

Oh, yes. right there.

“Mio Dio! ” She shuddered, tipped on the edge, and— He backed away.

The climax slid out of reach.

She shook with frustration and anger. “Why did you do that? I was so close!”

“No talking or I’ll gag you.” Her eyes widened. “you’re not even close to ready. As gorgeous as you look right now, I need more. Let’s get you out of these clothes.”

Temper simmered and coiled like a pissed-off snake.

She lifted her bound hands. “I can’t do much with these on.”

The slight whine in her voice filled her with humiliation. He didn’t seem to mind—in fact, he looked quite satisfied with her reaction.

The corset hung down by her tied wrists. She waited to see if he’d unlock her, but he took the piece of fabric and ripped it right down the middle. “That was expensive!”

His expression snapped her lips closed. No way did she want to be gagged. “your clothes belong to me just as you do. I do what I want with them.” He tossed the gar-ment aside. Then grasped the edges of her soaking thong and pulled it down her legs. The heavy scent of her arousal filled the air. He stood back and surveyed her naked body, his gaze probing every inch of her as she stood still under his inspection like a slave girl at auction.

Her belly clenched in lust. She had this weird need to please him, give herself over to anything and everything he wanted. After all, she had no choice anyway. each step led her deeper into a dark, twisted world she never knew existed.

“Fuck, you’re beautiful. More beautiful than I imagined.”

The truth of his words struck home. The erection that pressed against his pants. The burning heat in his eyes as he looked at her. For the first time in her life, she knew this man wanted her as badly as she wanted him. Before, she only experienced the motions of sex, the thoughts of arousal and give-and-take. Now, there was nothing but the bare bones of want, messy and vulnerable and alive. Her chest squeezed with a strange sadness and longing.

Sawyer gave her no time to analyze the emotions. In one quick motion, he bent and slid her over his shoulder and marched down the hall into the bedroom. He placed her on the bed. Cool satin sheets pressed against her over-heated skin. Her legs hung over the edge, feet still clad in her stiletto heels.

“Scoot back, baby. Head against the backboard. Keep the shoes on.”

Julietta inched her way up. He nodded in approval, lifted her hands, and clipped the hook on the cuffs to a chain coming from the wall. It happened so fast, she never thought to protest, until she found her hands bound high over her head. He had chains above the bed? This was a respectable hotel. “I don’t think—”

“I do.” His voice snapped out and silenced her. Again, that crazy rush of liquid heat throbbed in her pussy from his dominating tone. He pulled open the bedside drawer and removed a condom and a rubber band. He laid both to the side and climbed on the bed. She tensed, but he only grabbed the rubber band and slowly tied his hair back. Her legs whipped closed, but he grinned and shook a finger at her. “Bad girl. you never close yourself to me. ever. Unless of course you want me to tie you spread-eagled on the bed.”

Heat sizzled to her core. A moan rose to her throat.

Sawyer clasped both of her ankles and pried her legs apart. He knelt between spread thighs. “Hmm, I think you would like that. Maybe next time.”

Next time? This was insane; she had to get out of here.

She couldn’t be who he wanted, give him the satisfaction he needed with his partners. She was only playing a role, and soon her body would dry up like it always did. Her skin prickled with awareness. This road would only lead to more frustration and humiliation and pain. She had to get out of here, had to— “Look at me, Julietta. eyes on me.” Her panicked gaze swung to his, and she gulped for breath. “you have nothing to be afraid of with me. I would never, ever hurt you.”

The fear faded, leaving only uncertainty. “I can’t be what you want.” she whispered.

His eyes blazed fire. oddly, his face seemed to soften with a possessiveness she’d never glimpsed before. “you don’t have to be anything, baby. you have no choices left— I’ve taken them all away. I’m about to play with your delectable body, and there’s not a damn thing you can do.”

relief loosened her muscles. Her arms sagged within the hold of the chains.

There was nothing she could do. . . .

Whatever she felt or didn’t wasn’t up to her any longer. As she accepted the fact, Sawyer slowly unbuttoned his shirt. She took in with pure greed the gorgeous lines of his chest and shoulders. His pecs were clearly defined, the lean muscled strength of his meaty biceps and arms told her he worked out. Hard. The snowy shirt fell away, and she sucked in her breath at the tight six-pack of his belly. A light smattering of hair dusted his upper chest, but most of his skin was a toasty brown and hairless. She noted several strange marks and scars scattered in various places but had no time to wonder. He lowered himself onto his elbows between her spread legs. Looked up at her naked body. And smiled.

The room tilted at the sight of his wolfish, purely mascu-line grin. oh, he was about to feast all right. on her. every part. The knowledge gleamed on his face, and the promise shimmered from his eyes. The sheer vulnerability of her position horrified and excited her. The image of her wet inner lips pulled open for him. Her pulsing clit on display for whatever he deigned to give her—his fingers, tongue, teeth, lips. Her skin pulled so tight over her bones she fought the urge to pull against her chains and twist with raw need for him to do his worst.

“I’ve spent nights wondering how you’d taste. Dying to dip my tongue into your heat and make you come against my mouth. But I won’t make this easy on either of us.” He paused in the pulsing silence. “you’ll have to beg long and hard before I give you what you want, baby. I’ve earned it.”

He dipped his head.

Julietta had experienced oral sex before. Mostly, she remembered how conscious she was about every action performed, constantly worried about how she smelled, and how she tasted, and if her lover was even enjoying it. She’d faked her orgasms in half-assed, weak ways that men noticed until the only way to gain relief was to break up with them.

Sawyer caressed her trembling inner thighs as he nuz-zled her cleft, moving his face back and forth over the small patch of damp pubic hair. The slide of his roughened cheek stung just enough to cause a delicious burn. Her channel clenched around emptiness, begging for more, but he only played for a long time, breathing her in, murmuring dirty words against her pussy, and rubbing her clit with light strokes evenly on each side.

Julietta dragged in breath and fought for her slipping composure. She wanted to worry about a thousand different things, but her body wept for more—something to take away the growing tension that twisted her muscles and throbbed under her skin. Her vast world began to shrink in tiny increments until all she could focus on was Sawyer’s next move. It seemed as if hours had passed before the first flick of his wet tongue coasted up and down—tiny tastes that only caused more frustration.

Julietta moaned and pulled at the cuffs.

“you’re not giving up that easily, are you?” he teased, using his thumbs to part her even wider. “Ah, your clit is poking from the hood, wanting more. Would you like more?”

She curled her fingers and grabbed desperately for sanity.

“I knew you’d be a worthy opponent.” His eyes glittered with mad lust. “I was right. you taste exactly like an Almond Joy.”

He opened his lips and devoured her.

A long, high shriek ripped from her throat. All expectations of what oral sex was and should be disappeared for-ever under the demanding lash of his tongue. He rotated different strokes in ways that made her toes curl in her fuck-me heels. Licking his way over her entire pussy, he laved the sides of her clit but never dragged his tongue over where she needed it most. His teeth nibbled ever so gently, causing just an edge of pain that tilted her toward climax, but never enough to get her there.

“Please.” Her voice broke but she didn’t care anymore.

“oh, please, I need more.”

“Not yet.” She let out a long string of vulgar curses her mother would have whipped her ass for. His wicked chuckle drifted to her ears. “I just learned some new words. Did you just call the man who controls your orgasm an idiot?”

Her head thrashed from side to side on the plump pillow. His thumb dragged across her turgid nub again in punishment. Sweat pricked her skin. “Mi dispiace. Please, Sawyer. I need—oh, God I need—”

“I know what you need.”

He dipped two fingers into her dripping channel. She clenched around him and tried to pull him in, but he moved too slowly, using her wetness to coat her clit and gently massage her aching flesh. Madness threatened. She needed that orgasm more than she needed breath. More than she needed a business contract. More than she needed anything. Her nipples stabbed toward the air in a plea for relief.

“Ask me, Julietta.”

She blinked and rolled her hips as another wave of need and arousal washed over her. Her heels dug into the sheets. “What?”

Sawyer lifted his head. His gaze pinned hers, probing past every barrier she’d ever erected and hitting the dark-est part of her soul. At that moment, she didn’t care. She let him in for that brief moment and gave him everything. “Ask me,” he whispered.

A sob broke from her lips. “Please, Sawyer, please let me come.”

raw possession stamped the features of his face and pure satisfaction emanated in waves from his body. “Good girl.”

He plunged three fingers deep inside, twisting and hitting the spot he had found before with firm, strong strokes.

At the same time, his lips closed around her clit and he stroked his tongue right over the top. once. Twice.

She exploded.

Julietta screamed as wave after wave of pleasure crashed through her. Her body shook helplessly under-neath the raw onslaught, the release going so deep inside of her and exploding outward in layers. She was aware of his firm grip on her thighs as he held her open and continued licking her, throwing her into a bunch of mini convulsions that stretched out for endless minutes.

She sank into the mattress, limp and sated. Her muscles shook and a haze drifted over her vision as she fought for consciousness. She had never experienced such an intense, physical experience in her life.

She finally knew what she’d been missing. How could she have imagined this type of sex was even possible? Such mind-numbing, full-body pleasure that stole her sanity and made her soul soar higher than she’d ever known?

Her brain blessedly blank, Julietta struggled to open her lids.

Sawyer stared down at her.

The angry scar on his face only emphasized the clas-sic grace of his features. The high brow and defined cheek-bones. The lush curve of lip and strong jaw. The amber heat of his eyes. He loomed over her, poised at her threshold, her legs held high in the air and close to his shoulders. Suddenly, her vulnerable position and what they were about to do snapped her back to reality.

His massive erection pulsed and threatened an invasion she couldn’t handle. Mio Dio, she was still bound. Helpless.

Julietta tugged at her cuffs and fought for breath. Panic hit.

“easy, baby.” He kissed her, long and sweet. “you are magnificent. I have never seen anyone as beautiful as you during an orgasm.” His face lit with an inner light that fascinated her. “you give everything without a thought to hold-ing back. Such a rare gift. And I will cherish it for my whole life.”

His words soothed the holes in her soul and healed something she never realized was broken. Her body softened and she stopped fighting. He wouldn’t hurt her. The knowledge pulsed in her gut and echoed in his face, now slightly strained as he kept his position without moving. She swallowed.

“you haven’t won yet.”

A delighted laugh broke from his lips. He kissed her deeper, swirling his tongue around hers and playing a game of thrust and parry. His penis pressed an inch farther.

Wetness trickled down her thighs and an urgent pulsing in her core told her she was ready for another round. Was it possible? Again?

“I will.” His voice changed to an arrogant demand that made her belly plummet. “Let’s up the game, shall we?”

He rocked his hips back and forth as if he had all the time in the world. His features were strained, but he was solidly in control. The sheer command he had over his body and the helplessness of her own position shot fire to her pussy. The sweet ache coiled tighter with the image of that full, thick length buried deep inside of her. How long had it been? Months? More like years. But what if she couldn’t climax again? What if she froze up like she normally did and disappointed both of them? The image hit her full force.

“Boring you again, am I?” Her attention snapped back.

Before she could gather her thoughts, he bent his head and took her nipple into his mouth. Sucking hard on the aching nub, Julietta moaned at the delicious sensations. His cock at her entrance, his heated body pressed to hers, his tongue sliding over her nipple. The sharp scrape of teeth wrung a cry from her lips, then unbelievably, she grew wetter. “Before you drift on me again, let me set the new terms.

I’ll give you two more orgasms because I’m in a generous mood.”

She managed a snort even though she ached for more of his delicious torture. His hand plumped her other breast, readying her. “Impossible. you got lucky with the first.”

“Two more. And you will apologize for all the rotten things you said about me tonight.”


“you will. And I get a marker.”

She fought for breath as he pushed in another aching inch. Her thighs clenched. “you want a marker to write with?”

“No. A marker to be used for later. When I can punish you properly for your impertinence.”

The sexual buzz melted her brain cells. “Punish? you want another night?”

His teeth closed around one tight peak and tugged. She gasped. “yes. I want you another night.” He edged farther into her channel. one more strong push and he’d fill her.

Suddenly, she wanted that feeling of belonging to a man, of invasion and possession, more than her next breath. More than losing. “Now say yes.”

His eyes and voice demanded and refused to accept anything less than all of her.

She grit her teeth. “yes.”

Sawyer slid home.

As he buried his throbbing length between her legs, her body welcomed him like he belonged. Slick with juices, her tightness barely caused a hesitation and the fact of her complete helplessness struck again in full, crystal clear clarity.

He filled every spare inch of her, fighting for space and not allowing her any room to hide. Hands bound over her head, legs open to him, his mouth at her breast, Julietta shook with too many emotions and sensations to process, causing her a temporary sensory overload in vivid neon.

“No, no, no,” she chanted, shaking her head back and forth. She fought to keep him from taking it all, but it was too late. Tears pricked her eyes.

“Julietta, look at me.”

“Please, no, I can’t.”

“you can. Breathe, baby. yes, like that. Another one.

you can take all of me, just let yourself feel. one more slow breath. Trust me.” She clung to his words—calm and strong and sure. The breath entered her lungs and the fear slowly drained away.

Suddenly, as when a movie turns from black-and-white into startling Technicolor, her body sprang to life. The re-striction eased and turned to a delicious friction. He moved in tiny increments, back and forth, eliciting a rush of wetness and gripping arousal. “That’s it, relax and let me take you where we both want to go.” The reminder that her hands were tied and she couldn’t control the pace or angle added to the ratcheting sizzle and burn of anticipation. Her muscles released and he slid even deeper.

Sawyer groaned. “Jesus, you’re tight. So fucking good.”

He grabbed her ankles and lifted them on top of his shoulders. Her spiked heels dug into his hard muscles and a thrill shot through her.

He moved. All the way out in one slick slide. Paused.

Then a slow, delicious glide back, over and over, on his own time and in his own way. Julietta had prepared for the familiar rush to the finish line. Her experiences before this had contained her lover pumping furiously while she tried to force herself to catch up and not disappoint. orgasms were a stress she’d decided to leave behind. But not anymore.

Sawyer didn’t give a crap about time. He played with her breasts with every rotation of his hips, sometimes gentle, sometimes deep and hungry. The erratic rhythms didn’t allow her to anticipate or calculate a response. Suddenly, she craved more—much more. Her clit pounded in demand from the teasing scrape of his cock, and she ground her stilettos into his shoulders while she reached for more. The punishing bite of his teeth and his dirty laugh told her he knew exactly what she wanted and refused to give it to her.

“More,” she moaned.


She pulled at her cuffs. His cock sank deeper into her channel until he seemed a permanent part of her. He shifted angle. Paused. And gently bit her nipple.

The flash of pain registered the same time he hit some special spot that made fireworks explode behind her closed lids. She panted. So close. She needed— “Ah, you like that, huh? right here?” He thrust again and an animal noise exploded in the air. Was that her? He chuckled. “yes, that’s the spot. And what if I did this?” He reached between their bodies and pressed down on her swollen clit. Julietta wondered if she could die from sexual tension, so close to release yet kept on the edge for endless minutes. He rubbed lightly, back and forth, keeping his thrusts shallow and sharp, hitting the spot where white-hot heat coiled deep, ready to explode.

“Are you ready for your second orgasm, Julietta?”

Pride and rationality vanished under the raw demand of her body. “yes, please, Sawyer, please.”

“And you’ll give yourself to me for one more night?”

His fingers flicked. She cried out. “yes! yes, anything you want, just please.”

“open your eyes. I want to see your face when you come.”

The words sent her over the cliff as much as his next hard plunge. His fingers and cock worked her faster, in perfect tandem with what she craved, and she flew apart for the second time that night.

The orgasm started from her toes and exploded through every part of her body. Julietta let go, arching under the violent spasms and giving up. Sobs broke from her throat at the excruciating pleasure that went on and on. Sawyer never broke his gaze, taking in every expression and cry as if it belonged to him. When she finally surfaced, she realized he was still buried deep inside her, fully erect.

Half drunk on a hormonal high, Julietta roused herself enough to lift her head off the pillow. “What are you doing?” she slurred.

He pulled out and coaxed another shudder. overly sensi-tized from back-to-back orgasms, she felt the edge of pain and pleasure blur. “We’re not done yet. you owe me one more.”

Her heart rate sped up. She tried to shake her head in a confident manner, but it felt like jelly attached to her neck.

“No, I can’t; I don’t want to.”

A low laugh raked her ears. He reset an easy pace, giving her just enough rubbing motion to interest her in steady, slow peaks. Wetness leaked down her thighs, and she arched again into the biting pleasure. “Mio Dio, not again.”

“A deal is a deal, sweet one.” He pressed her legs wider and changed to short, strong strokes that buried him balls deep. Too exhausted to think or move, she could only re-spond to what he commanded, and he brought her right back up to the peak and kept her there. Increasing to a brutal pace, he pounded into her with a primitive energy that turned her on, the damp slapping of their bodies, the sharp scent of arousal, the sweat-slicked slide of skin. Her belly coiled and she burned.

He gently squeezed her clit. “Come for me, baby. Now.”

The command hit her ears the moment her body exploded. With a roar, Sawyer pumped his hips and gripped her tightly, spilling his seed. The raw satisfaction on his face soothed, almost as if he surrendered as deeply to the experience of their lovemaking as she had. The orgasm rushed on, claiming and wracking every inch of her body, until finally he collapsed on top of her.

Completely weak and helpless, Julietta sagged against her restraints. The empty part inside that had been completely filled moments ago suddenly widened into a chasm of emotions and mess. The tears that had previously threatened sprang free, and she turned her head in shame.

Her wrists were freed and Sawyer removed the handcuffs. rubbing her sore muscles, he worked the tension from her hands, fingers, and arms, then dragged her to him.

Tucking her into his chest, he pulled the covers over them and snuggled her into his arms.

“Let me go.” She tried to move away but felt like a new-born colt—all gangly legs and off balance. Julietta battled for her inner strength and fought against his embrace.

“Shh, sweet girl, you’re not going anywhere.” His grip was steel, and his voice and touch were gentle as he stroked her hair, murmuring soft words against her ear. “you’re exhausted and need to rest. I’ve got you.” The warmth of his skin and the comforter cocooned her in security and safety she hadn’t experienced in so long, she didn’t believe it had existed. Maybe just a minute. He smelled so good, and his tender strokes lured a hazy sleep to claim her muscles, dragging her down into the dark. Just one minute. As she eased into sleep, his whisper drifted toward her unconscious.

“What have you done to me?” she whispered.

Then she fell asleep.

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